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Dream For The Dead
Dream For The Dead
Hi guys, I'm Tyler. I have been on this planet for 17 years and I've spent the last 5 of those playing guitar and being in bands. I'm from New Jersey. A few bands that have a special place in my heart are Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Asking Alexandria, A Day to Remember, and Pierce The Veil. I've been in a relationship with a girl named Gabrielle for two years now . Her blog is here, you should totally go check it out! Questions and comments are cool :)

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Jeremy McKinnon // Photo by Adam Elmakias
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unearthly message / földöntúli üzenet (by heizer.ildi)
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The Wonder Years - Passing Through A Screen Door (x)
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My beautiful Vinyl 
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We Came As Romans [x]
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The Wonder Years - Passing Through a Screen Door (x)
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Guns n’ Roses
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Hello Everyone, my name is Danny, I am Katelyn’s boyfriend. Late last night Katelyn was taken back into hospital from an overdose she had taken last week, her organs were shutting down slowly, yesterday, the hospital let her out, thinking everything was okay, but didn’t know she was in severe pain, Katelyn didn’t say anything, it was her ‘back-up plan’ to suicide. So shes drifting slowly, and the doctors said she will not make it. She will be missed, and I can’t cope without her here. I miss her so much already, and love her with every little bit of my heart. When she goes I don’t know what I will do, she is my perfect, sweet, loving girlfriend.
This photo was taken the day she came out of hospital. 

I don’t care what fucking blog you have, you have to reblog this right now. 

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